More about Khalilullahi and K.M.G

Khalilullahi Olalekan Busari, born March 16th 199X in Lagos State Nigeria, hails from AdeOyo in Oyo State.

Khalilullahi completed his primary education in Prime Montessori School and proceeded his secondary education in Learning Fields School, where he formed a social group. The group was basically for students who had talents in art and craft work, but was later moulded into a musical group after a year, when he further completed his secondary education at the Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ojo, Lagos.

While in Learning Field, Khalilullahi was inspired with the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake, Nas, P-Square and others. He decided to put words together to produce his own sound. Khalilullahi started rapping as early as 2007 where he was called “KPP”, and started producing his own songs. He further branded his name to Kharminator in late 2009 whereby branding his musical group, as well to Kharminator Records (K’Recs), which drew much attention to his peers and family.

Later in 2010, Khalilullahi signed a couple of his friends with the likes of Sl_zee & KazzmoNC who were also interested in music, into his record. The path was clear as they made a couple of dope tracks together.

Currently Khalilullahi has been helping a couple of young/upcoming artists rise up and Kharminator Records which is Popularly known as Kharminator Music Group (K.M.G) has always been a name to look out for.

Khalilullahi has rebranded his stage name to K.O.B (Kharminator)

|CEO of Kharminator Records™ – K.M.G|


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Artists Signed into K.M.G include


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